Spytech Service Plans
Surveillance.  Support.  Sandviches.
Why leave yourself down and out on the battlefield, when help can be yours for under the cost of a level 3 sentry gun?*
Extended warrantees available for the following products: Telemax Devices, Provisions Dispensers, Cloaking Devices, Breadmakers, and more!
Key Benefits
  • Choose the location - from classified data centers to non-essential dustbowls.
  • Proactively manage your inventory and provide swift resolution to enemy engagements.
  • Make the most of equipment that's been damaged beyond repair.
  • Lower total loadout weight by providing your staff with Hammerspace Technology (patent pending) to keep supplies and tactical items out of the way, yet still within reach.
  • Choose the level of service that matches your needs - from mission-critical counter-intelligence to basic support.
And, remember...
With Spytech, a wide-range of field-tested or custom request gadgets are all at your disposal. From specialty watches to remote detonators.
* Per day, not including applicable taxes.   Prices subject to change without notice.
* Hammerspace Technology ©1968-2009, Spytech Industries.
Not only does this plan come complete with a clean tissue and a pat on the back (hug upgrade sold seperately), but we'll even show you where the rest of the team is once the bleeding's stopped.
With the Advanced plan, you get everything that comes with the Basic package, plus the added comfort of knowing that you're only paying double the price!
Do you blow up a lot? Trouble hearing your teammates because your ears are lying next to the rest of your head... fifty feet away? Then Spytech Uber was made for YOU - the World's only full-service backup plan wrapped in a full-metal jacket!
  ©1968-2009 Spytech Industries. A subsidiary of TF Industries - Washington, USA